iPhone Craps; to Learn and to Win

Craps could well be the most instantly recognisable casino game, and it is certainly a staple of casino excitement in movies. With its numerous bets, colourful terminology, and the ever-present possibility that a beauty will be called on to blow some luck into a high roller’s dice, the game is naturally photogenic.

However, Craps can also be very intimidating for a newcomer. The mechanics of setting a point on the first throw, along with the variety of winning and losing combinations that may come up as a result of that point, plus concepts like naturals, is tricky enough to learn. Mastering the various betting options is even harder; for many casino players who don’t yet know the game, it looks like more trouble than it is worth.

This is what makes iPhone Craps a mobile casino option with dual benefits. Not only can iPhone users now access Craps games on their iPhones or iPads, to play for real money, but those casino fans still leery of the game also have access to the best Craps tutorials available. They can even get apps that do both; teaching them all the rules and the smartest betting strategies, giving them practice in free games mode, and also letting them play for real money at licensed mobile casinos.

Great Display and Easy Play

iPhones and iPad are excellent devices for mobile Craps, because the large screens deliver a better view of the table action. In game play, the touchscreen makes betting and rolling simple and intuitive, and the quality of the sound and visuals does a decent job of replicating the feeling of being at the tables in a land-based casino.

Whether they want to play at a Live table via Skype, an option that many casinos now offer online so that players can interact with real live croupiers and other players, or they prefer computer interaction with automated text and verbal responses, iPhone users can find plenty of compatible Craps options online.

Finding iPhone Craps Sites

The top mobile casino games developers, outfits like NetEnt, Playtech or Amaya Gaming, have all included at least one Craps title in their selection, and it is rare to find a mobile casino that doesn’t have Craps on the menu. Players at Spin casino Canada who want to try as many options as possible before they risk any money playing are advised to check out all the free play versions at their trusted mobile casinos. With the play-anywhere possibilities of iPhone Craps, taking a free trial on lots of different titles, until they find those that they’d enjoy wagering real money on, is not the chore that it could be.

Security Remains Important

Most of these options can be downloaded for free, allowing players to register at new casinos quickly and easily. It goes without saying that they should first check the site’s security certification, to ensure proper data encryption, and they should also look for auditing certificates that guarantee the site’s games are random and fair. Of course, the security features of the iPhone also play their part in keeping players’ mobile casino entertainment safe from nefarious phishing.

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