Castle Builder Slots Machine Details for Online Gamblers

Another well made slot game created by Rabcat and added to the online slot portfolio of the software developer giant Microgaming, Castle Builder will be a favourite to many slot enthusiasts. Castle Builder is a 5 reel, 15 payline slot online casino slot game featuring medieval themes and a unique bonus mini game. The game is set against a forest with the foundations of a small castle to start with on the left hand side. Players build up this castle as they play, making it larger and more intricate as the game progresses.

Symbols in Castle Builder are unique, and feature almost no traditional symbols found in other slot games. Common symbols of Castle Builder are made up of different characters, such as the king, the queen, the prince and princess. Additionally, there are a number of different symbols such as wilds, and these are made up of treasure chests, blueprints, an architect, and a door.

Castle Builder Gameplay

Castle Builder features mostly traditional slot gameplay, with the exception of the main feature, which is to build up the castle over time. Players can make bets and use the spin and auto play buttons to begin rounds. Wins and bonus features are triggered by the symbols that land on the reels after every spin, and landing certain symbols can also add to the castle. For more information about winning combinations, symbol value, as well as the rules of Castle Builder, players can use the paytable option.

Building the Castle in Castle Builder

While a traditional slot in many ways, the feature that truly sets Castle Builder apart is the ability for player to build up their own castle. Upon starting a new game, players will immediately notice the foundations of their castle on the left hand side of the screen of real money mobile casino Philippians game. The castle can be built by landing special building material symbols that have different values. Two of these symbols need to be landed during a spin before the castle can be expanded, and the symbols themselves are images of construction materials.

The values of the construction symbols can vary, depending on which land. Two build material symbols is the standard value, three are bronze value, four are silver value, and five of these symbols are gold value. The total value of the constructed castle will be increased if more valuable construction symbols are used to build the castle.

Once the castle has been complete, a small cut scene will begin, and players will be awarded various winnings depending on how valuable their castle is. There are four levels in total, starting with Forana, and ending with Empire. New castles will be built after every level, meaning players can have multiple play throughs with different outcomes and different winnings. To complete a castle for each round, players will need a total of 11 construction symbols.

Castle Builder in Conclusion

Castle Builder is extremely unique in the world of online casino slot games. Many consider Castle Builder to be a hybrid between a slot and a video game, being created from elements of both. Fun, fast paced slot gameplay merged with the progression of castle construction and levels make Castle Builder like nothing else on the market.

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